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Mar 21

Nottingham High School’s Bridge Cup competition has been running annually ever since 1947. It is such a long-running event and one that has become such a distinctive part of high school tradition, that it is sometimes easy to forget just how unusual it is.

It was the brainchild of Mr R.S. ‘Beaky’ Bridge, a former master and one of the school’s most memorable characters.  He was Senior History and Geography Master between 1920 and 1954, and he presented the Bridge Cup in memory of his father, who had been Principal of Trinity College of Music and Organist of Chester Cathedral.  It was to be awarded for an annual inter-House competition in Music and Elocution.

This year the four conductors each tackled the challenges in imaginative ways, reaching very high standards. After considerable debate the judges decided on the following order:

1. White’s

2. Cooper’s

3. Maples’

4. Mellers’

Congratulations to all the conductors and their choirs.


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