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May 21

Evernote is one of those tools that I think every teacher should know about. If you ever need to save a web page for later, and then find it again, it’s really easy to use, especially if you install the Chrome add-on. I particularly like the way that my Google searches now include results from the notes I’ve saved on Evernote.

The homepage of Evernote for Android

What I’m experimenting with at the moment is using the mobile app for Evernote, as a means of providing immediate feedback on students’ work. Through the app I can take a photo of a boy’s work, tag it for finding later, and in a few seconds put it up on the board for discussion and review.

Let’s have a look at how it works. Firstly, install the desktop app or Chrome plugin. Then, install the mobile app (iOS, Android, Blackberry) to your phone.

And from there on in it’s dead simple. I wander round the room and use the snapshot function to capture an image of a student’s work. I tag it, and then upload it. Moments later, as soon as the Evernote app on my computer has synced, it can be viewed on screen.

When I’m marking essays at home I often grab a snapshot of a particularly effective paragraph, or perhaps something that hasn’t quite worked. Lately, Year 8 have been writing press releases for a project they’re working on. I came across one lad’s work which I thought had lots of good qualities. So, I snapped it, and this is the Evernote note which I created.


evernotescreens21. Open the Evernote app on your phone or tablet, and select the camera. Then, choose Page Camera – it’s the little icon on the bottom right. Page Camera is most effective, as it’s designed to capture documents, not just ordinary images. I’ve highlighted it on the image opposite).

2. Give the note a title and tag it.

3. Use the Chrome extension or desktop app to display the image. You may need to sync the app to make sure the image is showing.

4. From the desktop Evernote app you can open the photo in any software you wish (Skitch, also by Evernote, allows you to add quick annotations)

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