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Jun 15

AQA are refreshing their English Literature A-level syllabuses.  These aren’t wholesale changes, but texts are being changed, jigged about a bit, and I thought the changes being made to the Gothic element of the A2 ‘Texts and Genres’ unit were worth a bit of scrutiny. If you want to read the specification for yourself, you’ll […]

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Mar 12

A little while back, Jose Picardo blogged about jux, a newish site that offers a free blogging service based around pictures rather than text. It is pretty slick, quite easy to use and makes an admirable alternative to PowerPoint, especially if you want students to look at one another’s work. I used it recently with […]

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Jan 25

Way back in the heady early days of post-structuralism, Rolande Barthes declared that the author is dead.  Not just sleeping, or pining for the fjords, but a member of the choir immortal and an ex-author.  From now on, we would be free from the tyrannical father-figure of the author, looming over us and imposing meaning […]

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Jan 10

I’ve had a Kindle for several months now, and I think it’s marvellous.  True, it’s nowhere near as satisfying as reading a really well-made book, but for practical reading (research and so on), it’s very nearly ace.  Ben Goldacre loves his, too. And ace it is in many ways.  The fact that my annotations on […]

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