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Jan 28

Halfway through Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love – part of the ‘Aspects of Narrative’ genre of the AS Eng.Lit. course, and I remembered Borges’ ‘certain Chinese encyclopedia‘.  I wondered what would happen if Joe Rose tried to use this taxonomy to describe Jed Parry.  Answers, please, in the comments section.

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Jan 27

This week sees the first of our ‘high impact’ sessions, in which we bring together all of Year 11 to look in detail at one question, focusing on what the examiners are looking for, and how to to really well in the summer examinations. English is a diverse subject, where students are required not only […]

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Jan 21

It’s options season yet again. On Monday we entertain prospective A-level students who will be doing the round of all manner of courses, each trying to capture their imaginations and convince them that two years spent studying that subject will guarantee them entry to an elite university and then glittering success in a lucrative career. […]

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